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Release Notes

September 16th 2018 – 0.1.53

Key Summary Issue Type
RD-4464 enable users to create groups and to invite users to the group Task
RD-4798 support AMAZON.RepeatIntent Task
RD-5185 cluster map for brian data Task
RD-5243 add multi languages support for the brain Bug
RD-5247 faq generator – multi languages Task
RD-5287 Editor visual editor — view only Task
RD-5325 Update Alexa supported langauges Task
RD-5332 Increase the size of the text box when writing a new intent Task
RD-5336 Response popup box design Task
RD-5337 Upload/ Deployment messege Task
RD-5339 Add captcha to account creation page Task
RD-5355 contrast of cancel buttons Task
RD-5356 cancel error message when adding a question mark Task
RD-5357 login message Task
RD-5362 server min version of https://files.conversation.one/chatbot/files/js/typeahead.bundle.js Task
RD-5379 Add CON1.AccountLinked to the templates Task
RD-5390 Phone – 'yes' and 'no' responses are not understood after 'Did you mean' questions Bug
RD-5409 Update npm alexa-app Task
RD-5415 Analytics (Production) – the registered users table doesn't look as expected Bug
RD-5419 Brain (languages) – the German sample I approved in Brain was added to English Bug
RD-5420 account page is using industry instead of industry id Bug
RD-5421 Specific samples can not be disabling from chatbot auto complete Bug
RD-5422 Finicity clear users should clear the test users or send parameter Bug
RD-5423 Upload/Deployment – the expected message doesn't appear if I do Deploy Alexa from the drop-down menu Bug
RD-5424 The title of the button was Upload when the link I needed to click from the menu said Deploy Bug
RD-5425 The name on the button didn't change to Deploy after I uploaded a new Alexa skill Bug
RD-5426 Upload app message – grammar issue Bug
RD-5427 analytics – session id is undefined Bug
RD-5431 replace Zendesk with conversation.one/support Task
RD-5435 exact match with number style entity Task
RD-5439 SyntaxError in code action not printed to the log Bug
RD-5440 User groups – e-mail title grammar issue Bug
RD-5441 User groups – the users I added to the group were not saved Bug
RD-5442 User groups – the user status (role) didn't change after I clicked the link in my mail Bug
RD-5443 User groups – The new group opens with users added to it Bug
RD-5444 User groups – the user that created the group wasn't present in the list Bug
RD-5445 User groups – it is possible to add the same user twice Bug
RD-5446 Flow UI – response types are overlapping Bug
RD-5447 Flow UI – The newly added intent appeared under another intent Bug
RD-5448 Flow UI – the changes I made were not saved Bug
RD-5449 FlowUI – a system intent is p[resent in the tab Bug
RD-5450 getIntentName() should return the original intent name and not changed per channel Bug
RD-5451 Impossible to Upload Alexa app Bug
RD-5452 User groups – the e-mail I received didn't have sender name Bug
RD-5453 User groups – language issue Bug
RD-5455 Pre defined model training does not work Bug
RD-5458 Log In button (chatbot) – new design: the button doesn't 'react' when we click on it Bug
RD-5459 FAQ Generator – the drop-down title is cut Bug
RD-5460 Flow UI fixes Task
RD-5461 FAQ generator – impossible to perform import Bug
RD-5463 Dashbot API Token resets after publishing – issue # 0000014 Bug
RD-5472 FAQ – the sample wasn't added, but I still received the message that it is already present in the intent Bug

August 26th 2018 – 0.1.52

Key Summary Issue Type
RD-4268 add card action Task
RD-4426 Support ZipCode using Dialogflow Bug
RD-4528 Add language selection in editor Task
RD-5034 App selection for large number of apps Task
RD-5167 Google Action – account linking during conversation Task
RD-5233 SES – move out from sandbox Task
RD-5244 CN1 NLU – add support for Spanish, German, French Task
RD-5245 allow the user to change the default language Task
RD-5252 chatbot – stop send messages Bug
RD-5253 analytics – # messages / user Task
RD-5256 changes to default card design Task
RD-5257 alexa deploy – remove language from skill name Task
RD-5278 Add yes and no as hints Task
RD-5280 Add aws client – https://www.npmjs.com/package/aws-sdk Task
RD-5281 config page – parameters won't update (visually) – PRODUCTION Bug
RD-5286 wrong analytics results – success rate Bug
RD-5288 Response type question Task
RD-5289 Response type move to Intent Task
RD-5291 Users Registered Over Time – fixes Bug
RD-5292 analytics Users/Messages – fixes Bug
RD-5293 Compile rules error are not presented in the logger Bug
RD-5303 Editor – last domain should open automaticly Bug
RD-5304 Add YaaS.js node module Task
RD-5307 analytics – allow the user to filter the data by channels Task
RD-5308 C1 NLU – not all US states are detected Bug
RD-5310 Google publish wizard — add information to select dialog flow V1 Bug
RD-5315 groups tab – groups appear many time in the drop down Bug
RD-5316 postalCode is not copied from alexa Bug
RD-5317 ChatBot doesn't work Bug
RD-5318 The messages sent from Chat Bot simulator do not appear in Analytics Bug
RD-5319 'The Chatbot not active' message keeps appearing when additional language is selected Bug
RD-5320 The disabled intent is still shown as a suggestion Bug
RD-5322 Alexa – the invocation name in the Configuration tab was not saved Bug
RD-5323 Alexa – the new language is not added to the model (Spanish) Bug
RD-5324 The text response does not open in the language I added Bug
RD-5326 Display language names )not just code) Task
RD-5327 Additional language – the discovery i added in Spanish didn't appear Bug
RD-5328 Chatbot – there is a delay before the changes the user makes take effect Bug
RD-5329 Additional language – wrong language tab opens after clicking Refresh Bug
RD-5330 Additional language – English language tab is added each time I click Refresh Bug
RD-5331 analytics – merge unknown and fallback Bug
RD-5333 Deployment button Task
RD-5335 folders are not nested Bug
RD-5342 Add SOAP Task
RD-5348 ChatBot – the training process gets stuck Bug
RD-5352 Spanish – model training failed Bug
RD-5353 The Account window doesn't look as expected Bug
RD-5358 Referrer Cookie Does not Show in URL Filter Bug
RD-5365 chage action – set response type Task
RD-5366 Login intent after the user logged in Task
RD-5368 The intent in French I added didn't work in a banking app Bug
RD-5369 French – no reprompt is given Bug
RD-5370 Update Google action npm to latest version Task
RD-5371 Add compression to chatbot responses Task
RD-5372 Analytics – the Messages/Users bar chart doesn't display users for the time period selected Bug
RD-5373 bank template – call support card does not contain the phone number Bug
RD-5375 Remove log to files engine, nlu Task
RD-5383 Facebook (German) – no discovery is given Bug
RD-5408 Analytics – no need to consider Welcome intent when counting Success Rate Task
RD-5410 Analytics – User/messages graph is empty Bug

August 5th 2018 – 0.1.51

Key Summary Issue Type
RD-4701 Move DEV NLU server to AWS Task
RD-5078 Select voice for phone Task
RD-5156 Test tool page design Task
RD-5183 let the user configure the phone voice Task
RD-5192 analytics – registered users Task
RD-5220 Option to turn off predictive utterances by sample Task
RD-5234 * analytics – success rate under google/alexa Bug
RD-5235 * analytics – url filter – select all is missing Bug
RD-5236 * analytics – total sessions/unique users – check counter Bug
RD-5237 * Phone call action UI issue Bug
RD-5238 * Advanced search – when the search is closed, the general log is not reloaded Bug
RD-5239 * Generic endpoint Task
RD-5240 * brain – user said – should be left aligned Task
RD-5241 * Logs export – not full logs Bug
RD-5242 * Text response – UI issue Bug
RD-5246 * error 500 tts in spanish Bug
RD-5249 * External auth server for facebook Task
RD-5250 * A warning message appears when opening Analytics Bug
RD-5251 * Logs – text issue Bug
RD-5253 * analytics – # messages / user Task
RD-5258 * Alexa – an error message appears after clicking on the account linking link Bug
RD-5276 * Brain – performance Task

July 22nd 2018 – 0.1.50

Key Summary Issue Type
RD-3341 * Facebook messenger – the statement intent doesn’t work as expected Bug
RD-4876 req.setIntentName does not work on Alexa Bug
RD-4891 * Staging log level should start with debug Bug
RD-4954 * cn1 nlu entity match is case sensitive Bug
RD-5010 * Facebook – the request about linking my account appears twice in a row Bug
RD-5064 Alexa, Google – A fallback intent appears to ‘mortgage’ user request Bug
RD-5069 * Facebook – Loan intent: a ‘mistake’ message is received to ‘yes’ for calling a representative Bug
RD-5081 add npm for service now Task
RD-5097 * bank template bon voyage even if asking for phone number Bug
RD-5098 add isTransactional = true parameter when sending email from the dashboard Task
RD-5108 hash user id sent to the analytics Task
RD-5120 Version deployment Task
RD-5138 * Google – ATM and Branch intents: the Bon voyage phrase appears together with the user’s answer to SMS question Bug
RD-5139 Google – API version 2 – no discovery message is given Bug
RD-5150 Add “Suggested samples” to intents Task
RD-5151 change the layout of response Task
RD-5154 * Alexa – The transfer intent doesn’t work as expected Bug
RD-5158 analytics changes Task
RD-5159 * brain – phone is reported as chat Bug
RD-5160 * editor – click “configuration” open wrong app Bug
RD-5161 * chatbot simulator – add start session button Task
RD-5162 * Twilio – add the last message before disconnecting Task
RD-5165 Bank template – enable intents and make it work Task
RD-5166 * Google Action – support transaction intents Task
RD-5171 * FAQ generator – the Next button gets stuck if a link a or a selector is invalid Bug
RD-5172 * Google API action V2 – text message for assistance contains HTML tags Bug
RD-5174 * ChatBot doesn’t behave as expected Bug
RD-5175 * Brain suggestions – the sample that should be on top of the list is located at the bottom of it Bug
RD-5176 * account page report invalid app key Bug
RD-5177 * FAQ generator is not closed after import Bug
RD-5181 * New app scenario – a data that shouldn’t be present appears while running automation Bug
RD-5182 * analytics code breaks chatbot / sms / phone/ etc. Bug
RD-5188 * Add an optional parameter for referral Task
RD-5189 * Chat bot – maximize / minimize the chatbot when click on the title Task
RD-5190 * first time wizard does not work on Explorer Bug
RD-5191 * analytics – extra changes Task
RD-5194 * chat bot code example open after X seconds Task
RD-5195 * iPhone – Start session button: the new conversation is not started (Chrome) Bug
RD-5197 * Counter backend functions call Task
RD-5215 * add https://www.npmjs.com/package/node-google-calendar Task
RD-5216 * bank template – please enter a valid phone number Bug
RD-5225 * Bitbucket integration does not work with repository Task
RD-5226 * New template for banks – add a description for CollectEntities folder Task
RD-5228 * Alexa – Loan intent: the year of the car is not understood in some cases Bug
RD-5231 * Log – Advanced search Task
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