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How to Test an Alexa Skill

Once you have created your Alexa skill, the next step in the Amazon Developer Console will be to test it, before you are publishing it for your users (see image below)


In the “Test” phase you can test your skill on a real Echo device (See step 5 if you don’t have a device to test on). But how do you test Alexa skill?
To do that, you have to make sure that your Amazon Echo account is the same one you used to login to the developer console.

1. Enable the Alexa skill on the Alexa app

To enable your skill, log in to your Alexa app and click on “Your Skills”  (at the top right corner).

A list of your skills will appear. Your newly developed (and not published skill) will have a green icon next to it with the title: “devUS”. Click on it and then click on the “Enable” button. When clicking on enable, you will be asked to connect your bank account to the Amazon Alexa account.

2. Link your bank account to Amazon Alexa

To connect the bank account to Alexa, you will be asked to provide your bank’s account login and password details. Conversation.one is taking care of the account-linking at the back in a highly secure environment.

Once you enable the skill, you will have to link your bank account.

Now enter your contact details and select a PIN code. The PIN code will be used as a second-factor authentication whenever the user accesses sensitive information or performs transactions.

3. Test your skill on an Amazon Alexa device

Now that the skill is enabled, and the bank account is linked, all that is left is to start your conversation.
Conversation.one provides pre-made dictionaries (question templates) that include various examples such as account balance and transactions, and general information  (additional questions and conversations can be configured using our visual dashboard). To start the conversation say:

Alexa, please open “My Bank” (use the Invocation Name you provided at the registration process on the Amazon Console).

Alexa will ask you to provide your PIN code.

Now ask

What is my balance?

Alexa will answer with your account balance.


Additional questions can be:

  • How much money do I have in my {Type} account
  • What are my latest transactions?
  • What were the transactions on {Date} on my {Type} account
  • Where is the nearest A.T.M.
  • What is the quote for {Symbol}

4. Adding others to test an Alexa Skill

When you completed your new skill’s configuration (and after you published the information and privacy & compliance steps) you can add additional beta testers.  Invitations are sent directly from the Amazon Developer Console.  If you send the invitation to an existing Amazon account email, the user will automatically be offered to join. In cases where the user’s email is not connected to an Amazon account, he/ she will be asked to create one before joining the beta testing.

5. Testing your skill even if I don’t have an Echo device

If you don’t have an Echo device or any other Alexa device such as Amazon Echo Dot, you can use Reverb mobile app, that will accurately simulate the device. You can download it for free both for iOS and Android.

Reverb Mobile App


Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help and answer any question you may have.
You can also join our next webinar, and see how we create an Alexa skill for a bank in 3 simple steps – live.

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