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Build a Financial Alexa Skill for your Bank in 3 Steps



With Conversation.one you can build a financial Alexa skill for your bank in 3 Steps. No programming, coding or complex integrations are required. Ready to start?


To create a new skill (skill is the term for an app on Amazon Echo) go to our dashboard at dashboard.conversation.one.
For a quick access, you can log in using your Google account; otherwise, create a new account using your email address (preferably your bank’s email address).

Dashboard login


First Screen

On the first wizard screen, by selecting your industry <Banking> from the first drop-down list,  you are connecting to our pre-built banking dictionary, which offers a full conversational communication in a click.
On the second drop-down, select your bank’s or Credit-Union’s name. In this step, we automatically connect to your banks’ APIs. We provide integration to more than 10,000 financial institutions in the US.   When done click “Next”.

For test purposes, you can use our sandbox bank called “My Bank”. Later on, use the username “sandbox” and the password “password” when activating the skill

Dashboard select industry and company name

Second Screen

On the second screen, you can decide which devices and services you’d like to support. Conversation.one is an omni-channel platform that lets you build your conversations once, and deploy them on all devices and services with no additional need for configuration. We support Amazon Alexa, Google Home, FB Messenger as well intelligent assistant, either as chatbots or voice-enabled solution. For the purpose of this guide, select the Alexa icon and click “Next”.

Dashboard select supported devices

Third Screen

Can you believe you are done? Now you can just test it using our simulator. Choose the questions from the drop-down list and Alexa will play you the answers (use audio here).
When done, select “Publish” to add your new Alexa Skill to Amazon.

Dashboard test your new skill

3. Connect Your Alexa Skill to Amazon Developer Console

Publishing your skill on Amazon in a 9-step process that requires technical and general information about the skill/ the owner. To help you navigate through this, we’ve duplicated the process on our dashboard, providing you the required answers in a copy-paste mode.

Complete stages 1-7. When you reach to the “Test” phase, you can already test your new skill on a real Echo device.
If you wish to change/ add/ edit your skill, you can use our customization dashboard (read more about here).

When done, you can complete stages 8+9 and submit to Amazon. Once approved, it will be ready for all your customers to use.

Export to Amazon Alexa


Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help and answer any question you may have.

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