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Use DialogFlow (api.ai) as your Chatbot NLU Engine

You can choose to use DialogFlow (api.ai) as your chatbot NLU engine.

To use Dialgflow follow the following steps:

  • Login to DialogFlow console. If you don’t have a user create one.
  • Create a new agent
    Dialogflow Create a new Agent
  • Give the new agent a name, and click “CREATE”
  • In Conversation.one dashboard, open My Apps, select your application, and choose the “staging” tab
    Conversation.one choose NLU engine
  • Choose “DialogFlow” as NLU engine
  • Copy the “DialogFlowToken” and “DialogFlow Developer Token” from Dialogflow console
  • In Conversation.one dashboard click “Clear Cache”
  • Open Conversation.one editor. From the “Save” menu select “Deploy Staging NLU engine”
    conversation.one deploy NLU model



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